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Unlike many other security consultants, we are, have been, and always will be product people. Our pragmatic focus is gleaned from many years in the trenches of product delivery and design. This, along with strong security expertise, allows us to help you make the right decisions to secure your customers and business while still meeting that product delivery date.


Privacy is the new frontier. If your business has customers in Europe, California, or most other places, there are privacy requirements that need to be built into your products & services. We are not lawyers, but rather product privacy professionals that will assist you in interpreting the variety of requirements and get you the roadmap you need to succeed. 


Did you just receive a 500 item security & privacy questionnaire from that very large new prospect? Did a security researcher just reach out to your team to report a security vulnerability in your product or service? Let our folks assist you in navigating the response to these requests and let you get on with what you do best - providing great products to your customers.