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How do I get started ?

Designing good security in is infinitely better than telling your customers that you had an "event"

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Quick Questions

  • Is security important to my product?

  • Which regulatory requirements impact my product?  

  • How do I answer this customer vendor questionnaire?

These questions can be confusing and complicated. Sometimes you just need help answering the simple question "What should I do about this?"

Product Security Group offers a fast and economical engagement to help. 


  • Evaluates your company, products, competitors, and customers

  • Evaluates your roadmap

  • Evaluates your technology & processes

We deliver a straightforward assessment of your product's security risk.


Sensible Assessment

You have decided your product needs some kind of security. Now what?

  • What do I work on?

  • How do I avoid implementing things that are not important?

  • How do I prioritize the risks to my products?

Like you, we have secretly worried we may not know where to begin and what to spend. We have found ourselves wishing "Can't someone just give me a sensible prioritized list based on my business?"

Product Security Group offers two engagements to assist you. 


  • Reviews your engineering practices

  • Reviews your DevOps practices

  • Reviews your corporate communications processes around security


  • Reviews the security architecture & features of the product

  • Creates a threat model to help prioritize new features

You get a prioritized list of sensible security actions to properly manage your business risks.


Build a product security program

You are handling security and you have a list of activities to complete. Time to build a security program. You might wonder:

  • Does my team have the capabilities to build a program?

  • Am I building the program in the right way?

  • Will completing these actions really reduce my risk?

We have been where you are now. Trying to build a program from a Google search and hoping it works. Sometimes you just need a guide to lead you on the right path.

Product Security Group offers an engagement that will guide you.



  • Provides the documentation you need

  • Helps implement the right program components

  • Sets up the team structure

  • Develops unique metrics to help you justify the program

You get an operational product security program that is actively reducing the security risks of your product.


Expand my program to all of my products

With an operating product security program, other questions may arise:

  • Can my team handle the workload?

  • Are we working as efficiently as possible?

  • Is our entire product portfolio covered?

Many program owners struggle with their success. They worry about losing all that was built, and the relationships were fostered due to scalability concerns. 

Product Security Group offers an engagement that can help.



  • Set up the program to increase throughput

  • Expand the team with little additional investment

  • Streamline & automate your processes to ensure they cover your entire portfolio

You get a security program that scales to meet your expanding portfolio of products.

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