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Build It Service

You have come to the decision. You need to add security into your product but you are a bit unsure of how to accomplish this task within the timeframes and budgets you have. Like you, we are frustrated trying to navigate frameworks, compliance requirements, customer demands, and security vendors hawking their wares as we get started. Don't worry. We are here to guide you on your journey. You need to get a program and and running as quickly & cost effectively as possible. Let us help you with our  Build It service.



The BUILD IT service is stand-alone product with a few add-ons for folks that need a bit more support. As with all of our offerings,  we can adjust the content to suit your needs.

Build a
Add-on 1
Hire your Team

We will guide you in

  • Defining a Product Security strategy. 

  • Defining a program & its components.

  • Defining  policies, standards, and guidance.

  • Defining the team structure. 

  • Implementing program components.

  • Implementing metrics for the program.

We will assist you in

  • Preparing job descriptions.

  • Pre-screening & interviewing candidates.

Add-on 2
Train your people

We will assist you in

  • Deploying product security training to your teams.

Are you ready to build a program?