Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: Dec 31,2019

As we guide more and more clients on their product security journey, we tend to hear the same questions from folks. As a result, we are providing the answers to some of the more common ones we hear.

QUESTION 1: What do your services cost?

Services generally fall in the range of $5K - $100K USD.

QUESTION 2: How do you bill?

We bill exclusively as "fixed bid". We do not execute "hourly or daily rate" contracts as we will look at the value we provide and work to achieve that value. Our view is that hourly or daily rates creates a conflict with our clients where we get more money from our clients if things take longer. However, if we are traveling for a client, we will bill for reasonable travel expenses in accordance with the client's travel policy.

QUESTION 3: What currencies do you accept?

At this time, we only accept US Dollars (USD).

QUESTION 4: How long are the typical engagements?

Most engagements last from 1 week to 3 months. 

QUESTION 5: What is your coverage area?

For remote work, we will provide global coverage for our clients and are available in the local timezone.

For on-site work, we provide coverage in the U.S. Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and in the cities of Baltimore, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Atlanta.

QUESTION 6: Do your folks have the skills to provide the services you are offering?

Absolutely. Most of our people have 10+ years of experience in product security, have a certification or two, and present at some of the largest security conferences in the world. Prior to any engagement, we will provide the CV for the employee that will be assigned to your project for your review.

QUESTION 7: Do your folks undergo a background investigation?

Yes. All staff undergo a background investigation prior to hire. We can provide you the details of its content upon request. Additionally, all folks undergo a series of mandatory training on an annual basis ( ex. sexual harassment, security awareness, etc. ). Records of these can be provided as well.

QUESTION 8: Can your team work on classified projects?

Not at this time. While many of our folks have had U.S. government security clearances in the past, we are currently going through the process to become a government contractor. Once that happens, we will update the FAQ.

QUESTION 9: Can I get a sample report prior to signing up?

Sure. We would be happy to provide a sample report for each type of engagement upon request.

QUESTION 10: Who do you compete with?

We are always happy to have our prospects "shop" around. Here is a quick list of some folks that can provide similar services:


       Security Innovation

       NCC Group 


QUESTION 11: Can I get references?

Sure. When we can, we will provide you a reference or two if you require it.

QUESTION 12: Where in the world is Fiskdale, Massachusetts?

Fiskdale is a census-designated place located in the town of Sturbridge, at the crossroads of New England. Most major cities in the Northeast are less than 2 hours drive from this location. 

P.O. Box 815, 58 Main St., Fiskdale, MA 01518