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Transparency is key to your customer

Customers are evolving. No longer will they just accept that they are "the product". They want control of their data, and in certain regions of the world, they have a right to that control. Privacy is now a requirement for all product teams. Let our team assist you in getting privacy-by-design embedded in your products, and get you on your way towards meeting these new requirements.




Made for: CTO, CPO

Trying to build out a privacy function and not sure if you are ready on the product side? Let our team conduct a review of where you stand and provide the recommendations you need to proceed with confidence.

Made for: CTO, CPO, PM

Do you have customers asking about an independent privacy review of your product? Need to understand where you have product privacy gaps? Let our team conduct a thorough review of your product's architecture and usage personas, and provide a set of recommendations and a roadmap to help you prioritize the privacy items in your backlog.

Made for: CTO, CPO, PM

Do you need some product privacy help but don't want to hire a team? Are you a privacy professional that needs a sounding board on how to implement your program in the product organization? Let our team be your virtual team member with an advisory retainer that allows you and your team access to our product privacy professionals to answer questions, make recommendations, and assist you on your journey.



Made for: CTO, CPO

Do you need a product privacy practice quickly due to customer pressures? Are regulators inquiring about your privacy-by-design program? The FastTrack Product Privacy Program will get you and up and running in as little as a month with a product privacy program that you can have confidence in and will alleviate the pressure from those customers.

Made for: CTO, PM

Thinking about standing up a forum? Processing user uploaded images? Worried about how Section 230 impacts you? Let our team review what you have, and provide you a set of recommendations and a roadmap to assist you in navigating this space.