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Prevention is 100 times better than response

Your customers are increasingly more sophisticated in the areas of security & privacy. So are the independent researchers that are out there reviewing your products.  Responding to these folks whether it is through a security questionnaire or a reported vulnerability is now a mainstay for any size organization. Let our team assist you in putting together the responses you need to be successful in acquiring that new business or avoiding that negative PR event.




Made for: CTO, CISO, PR folks

Were you contacted by a security researcher informing you that your product has a vulnerability and they are going to release it to the public? Not sure how to proceed? Let our team assist you in coordinating the response to this notification and ensure that your company is best positioned to succeed.

Made for: CTO, CISO, PR folks

Already have an established security researcher response program? Need some validation of the processes and procedures you have put in place? Let our team engage your organization in a 'dry-run' of your researcher response processes and provide valuable feedback on the program's current state and areas that may need improvement.

Made for: CTO, CISO

Do you have customers asking about your researcher program due to a recent event?  Worried about a recent incident that affected your competitor? The FastTrack Security Researcher Program will get you and up and running in as little as a month with a security researcher program that you can have confidence in and will alleviate the pressure from those customers.



Made for: CTO, PM

Customers starting to ask security & privacy questions? Got that first 500 item security questionnaire and unsure how to proceed? Small company? Let our team review what you have in place and provide you a set of recommendations and a roadmap to assist you in navigating this challenging space.

Made for: CTO, PM

Need some security & privacy help but can't afford to hire a team? Are you a small company starting out? Let our team be your virtual team member with an advisory retainer that allows you and your team access to our security & privacy professionals to answer questions, make recommendations, and assist you on your journey.